The Most Advanced Learning Platform in the World

Area9 Lyceum brings together more than two decades of learning research and advanced computer science in its next-generation learning platforms for K-12, higher education, and workforce education.

As a leader in personalized and adaptive learning, as well as comprehensive infrastructure for learning engineering, design, delivery and analytics at scale, Area9 Lyceum enables clients to realize the future of personalized, multidimensional learning: mastery-based learning. A mastery-based approach enables learners to become proficient in the knowledge and skills that are highly relevant to them, their teams, and organizations.

The technologies developed by Area9 are used by millions of learners of all ages and by leading organizations and companies around the world.

Furthermore they have to assess risks and dangers, decide which measures to take and what procedures to apply, and report to the other rescue crew members. While the students are distracted by surrounding noise and confusion, they are expected to focus on their tasks and to set priorities.

Transformative Learning Experiences

Drive Engagement
Through Adaptive Learning


  • An online delivery method that automatically adjusts to the needs of each learner
  • Recreates at scale the optimal teaching approach of a one-on-one personal tutor
  • Uses proven data analytics and intelligent technologies to adjust in real-time to deliver an optimal experience

Maximum Impact

Today’s education and training systems are not keeping up with the current demands for skills, let alone tomorrow’s new demands.

Learn why technology-based learning is undoubtedly the future.

Learning & Development

Area9 platform adapts content and training to match the needs and skill level of each learner—cutting training time in half, boosting knowledge and skill acquisition, and building self-awareness. The result is improved productivity and engagement, and fewer errors.

For more than 20 years, Area9 Lyceum has been dedicated to helping our partners and clients find the best solution to deliver personalized learning at scale.