Students will gain hands on experience in the fundamentals of chemistry by constructing models of organic and inorganic structures representing numerous chemicals, molecules, crystals and other compounds. Build hundreds of different structures while gaining an understanding of elemental particles.

Range of Products

Crime Scene Investigation Lab

The Forensic Chemistry of Who Done it? Lab sets up the following scenario: Use your forensic techniques to solve the crime of the missing frogs from the biology classroom. Four possible suspects have been identified by authorities. Use fingerprints, hair examination, and chemical analysis of ink by thin-layer chromatography to help determine the most likely culprit. The Kit contains enough material for 6 groups. Teacher's Manual and Student Guide copymasters are included.

Equipment Set for Electrochemistry

Set for measuring electrochemical potentials of various metals in experiments intended for students. Inclusive Digital multimeter. Dimensions: Trough: approx. 85x70x45 mm³ Elecrodes: approx. 76x40 mm²

Analog Abbe Refractometer

pH - Indicator Test Sticks

Hand-held Refractometer

Wireless Colorimeter

Bravais Lattices

Advanced Level Chemistry Set

Organic Stereochemistry Student Set

The Orbit Molecular System Basic Set

Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set D, molymod®

Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S, molymod®