Innovative Digital Education Solutions for
Primary and Secondary Schools

For Teachers

With Mozaik presentation and thousands of interactive content, you can give spectacular lessons or make your own digital textbooks and animated presentations.

For Students

Students can use the amazing interactive content and digital textbooks at home, without installing any software, and also they can open them anywhere using their tablets and smartphones.

Software & Content for Teachers


MozaBook software, designed to be used on interactive displays, is used all over the world in thousands of classrooms. Digital books, exercise books, interactive worksheets, as well as versatile illustrations, animations and numerous presentation effects offered by the software expand teachers’ teaching tools.

Eye-catching interactive items and built-in skill-developing, illustrative and experimental applications arouse students’ interest and help to acquire knowledge.

Digital textbooks

Digital textbooks with interactive content. Make your own book or buy one.

Exercise books

Spectacular, animated presentations and numerous other, useful functions functions


Generate homework automatically, using tools and 3D scenes.

MozaBook is regularly awarded at prestigious international educational exhibitions and by educational journals and websites.

Content for Students


Students can access digital books and every interactive content, used during lessons, on mozaWeb. They can easily acquire the knowledge with the help of 3D scenes, videos, interactive exercises and digital lessons. Moreover, they can practise in a playful way with the skill-developing and experimental tools and games.

Here they can open presentations made by their teachers and solve online homework as well.

3D scenes

Freely rotatable and resizable 3D scenes for every school subject

Educational tools

Skill-developing games, practice and experimental tools

Digital lessons

Modern learning materials enriched with Mozaik's interactive content and exercises

3D smartbooks

A series of 20 books, including more than 800 3D scenes

Interactive Content

3D Scenes

Enrich your presentations and publications imported into mozaBook in a unique way, using our collection of more than 1,200 3D scenes. Insert 3D scenes on the pages related to the topics in your publication. When you open them later on an interactive board in the classroom, they will provide students with an exciting, new perspective. Students can also expore the 3D scenes at home, through the mozaWeb online platform.

Tools and Games

mozaBook includes more than 110 interactive tools and games which serve as visual aids, assist in skill development, and let students perform experiments. The tools can be added to presentations or publications in mozaBook, and are also accessible to students via the mozaWeb online home learning platform.

Interactive Content

The media library on mozaWeb contains more than 1,200 3D scenes and hundreds of educational videos, pictures, audio files and exercises. With a mozaWeb Premium licence, users can access all of the content in the media library, including thousands of interactive items organised by school subject.

Digital Lessons

Mozaik digital lessons are modern teaching materials that can be used and shared by users with the help of electronic devices. The lessons include numerous interactive items, such as 3D scenes and educational videos, as well as worksheets for practising and revision.

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